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    The Rules

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    The Rules Empty The Rules

    Post by Ksenia Lestrange on Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:48 pm

    1. When registering, please make sure that your username is your character's full name with spaces. So, for example, Ksenia Lestrange.

    2. Avatars must be of actual people. No flowers, animal, anime/manga characters, etc. For celebrities, make sure you check the Claimed Celebs thread first.

    3. If you want to use a last name but someone already has that name, you will need to ask their permission to use it. We don't want anyone falling out needlessly. If you are uncertain as to whether your name is taken or not, feel free to owl myself or Dagereth and we will let you know as soon as we can.

    4. THE CHATBOX MUST REMAIN A FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL WHO ARE ON AT ANY GIVEN TIME. This means, if cussing bothers a person a lot, be understanding enough to refrain. If a certain sort of humor, particular that of a lewd nature, bothers someone, save it for another time. There are handlers of all ages registered on the site, please respect that. They need to feel free to chat as well. Most of all, if something does bother you, say so outright. If someone tells you, 'Please, don't', kindly listen. There's no reason we shouldn't all be able to get along, here. Just be understanding of one another.

    5. All powers and special abilities MUST be cleared by an Admin. If in doubt, ask.

    6. Swearing is allowed. But please remember that some members might be uncomfortable with it and when you are asked to stop you should do so.

    7. Keep in mind that the rating of the general threads must be kept PG. Sexual content is allowed on this site in two cases. One: you must put a warning in the thread title so that the other users know what it is before opening it. Two: a better option, is to ask an admin to block of a particular forum topic just for you and your partner so only you can see it.

    8. You have to be active on this site. If your can't post at least twice a week, then please don't join. Things will be moving fast and you wont be able to keep up otherwise. Also, this will stop other characters from getting to know yours, which isn't fair. You can have as many as six characters, but any that become inactive risk deletion. If for some reason, you can't post for a while, let us know by owling an Admin or by posting in the Away Thread.

    9. Characters who are younger then 17 cannot apparate. Magic skills of younger characters should be appropriate to their age.

    10. Cruelty to animals is not allowed.

    11. Abuse of one character by another is allowed to a certain extent. It is up to the person playing the character whether they allow your character to abuse them.

    12. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus.

    13. Please avoid posting one liners. In order for this site to work we need good storylines. You can, however, post one liners when you are OOC (out of character).

    14. No god-moding is allowed unless given you've been given permission by the character you wish to GM. God-moding means that you write in your post what another person's character does/is doing.

    So no, 'James pulled out his wand and cast Avada Kadavra instantly killing his enemy.' This is not allowed. The person playing the character has the right to decide whether their character dies or is hit by a spell or not.

    'James pulls his wand and casts the Avada Kadavra curse on his enemy, hoping it hit them.' This is acceptable, as it allows the other character to decide whether they dodge it or get hit.

    15. Your character cannot be invincible. They can be tough and bad-ass, but everyone should get hit by a spell sooner or later. The Killing Curse can be dodged as many times as desired, however. It's your right to keep your character going as long as you like.

    16. No bullying. Everyone has a right to be here. Obviously, some characters are evil - do keep that in mind.

    If you don't understand any of the rules or have some questions about what is or isn't acceptable, please owl myself or Dagereth and we will answer all your questions.

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