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    Alexander Charles Cartwright

    Alex Cartwright
    Alex Cartwright

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    Alexander Charles Cartwright

    Post by Alex Cartwright on Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:52 am

    Full Name: Alexander Charles Cartwright
    Nickname: Alex, Charlie (very few)
    Age: 20
    Birthdate: May 9
    Birthplace: Bulgaria
    Current Home: Russia
    Blood Purity: Pure (though, parents are both half)
    Side: Light


    Hair Color: Brown
    Hair Style: Medium length, messy
    Eye Color: Green
    Height: 6'
    Body Type: Athletic
    Dress Style: Casual, formal
    Other: Crescent-shaped scar on his right palm


    Likes: Ice cream, pretty girls, teasing his baby sister, music, people in general
    Dislikes: Vegetables, injustice, harm to the innocent
    Strengths: Healing magic, quick-witted, strong-willed, can play the piano
    Weaknesses: Thinks with his heart, speaks his mind too openly at times, pretty girls...


    Father: Charles Prentiss
    Mother: Dommi O'Malley, nee Cartwright
    Siblings: Ellie O'Malley
    Spouse: none, yet Wink
    Children: nope
    Other: (optional)


    Family: Alex is the son of Charles Prentis and Dommi O'Malley, born while the two were still students. Though, he doesn't really know his father, he gets along well with his mother and adores his half-sister.

    Personal: Alex is studying to be a healer, like his mother.


    Wand: 10" Holly and Dragon Heartstring
    Pet: Black and white rat named Ulysses


    Romantic Partners:

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