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    Anastasia Marie Telsa

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    Anastasia Marie Telsa

    Post by Anastasia Tesla on Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:35 am

    Full Name: Anastasia Marie Telsa
    Nickname: Anya
    Age: 34
    Birthdate: December 31
    Birthplace: Manchester, England
    Current Home: St. Petersburg, Russia
    Blood Purity: Pure
    Occupation: Shopkeeper
    Side: Light


    Hair Color: Dark Hair
    Hair Style: Long and wavy
    Eye Color: Blue-green
    Height: 5'9"
    Body Type: Average
    Dress Style: Varies
    Other: (optional)


    Likes: Peace, Books, reading, quietness, her friends
    Dislikes: War, Blood Superiority, liars
    Strengths: Her Past, loyalty, her determination
    Weaknesses: Her Store, kindness


    Father: Andrew Nikolas Telsa the Fourth
    Mother: Georiga Telsa
    Siblings: Mikayla Rose Telsa (DECEASED) and Andrew Nikolas Telsa the fifth
    Spouse: none
    Children: None
    Other: (optional)


    Family: Anya doesn't speak to her family. She has been disliked by most of then since she's on the light side of the war. She doesn't believe in blood status.
    Personal: Anya had grown to be a very independent and strong women. So far, she believes she doesn't need a man to survive in this world. She's grown up to be a successful book store keeper that has her happy.


    Wand: Wood of Holly, Dragon Heartstring Core, and 10 inches and a half.
    Pet: Venus, a Mokave Cat.


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