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    Post by Luka Belikov on Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:14 am

    Full Name: (First/Middle/Last) Luka Andreievich Belikov
    Nickname: (optional) Luke, Lue (He hates this one)
    Age: (classmates of Dagereth and Ksenia will be 35) 18
    Birthdate: (Month/Day) 10/7
    Birthplace: Germany
    Current Home: Russia
    Blood Purity: (Muggle/Half/Pure) Pure
    Occupation: (Students can automatically be put into their group. Adults will have to be appointed to jobs)
    Side: (Dark/Light/Other) Dark


    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Style: Short, Messy and Spiked
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 5”9
    Body Type: Somewhat slender but fit and muscular
    Dress Style: Stylish
    Other: (optional)


    Likes: mysteries, messing with peoples minds
    Dislikes: Preppy people, cocky kids
    Strengths: natural leader, quick thinker
    Weaknesses: Rash in behavior and action, does lots of things he might regret. Also his temper


    Father: Andrei Belikov
    Mother: Alexandra Belikov
    Siblings: Roza Belikov
    Other: (optional)


    Family: He was born in Germany, delaying his parents stay there for about a year. In America after his sister was born he took a strong liking to her. While he has grown distant from his parents he still deeply cares about his sister.
    Personal: Luka doesn't care much about his family, besides his sister. He is proud of his roots and enjoys being on the dark side. He will do anything to protect his sister.


    Wand: 10 1/4 in, blackwood, Unicorn hair
    Pet: (optional) Large Raven named: Scyi


    (Add this in later when you've made friends)

    Romantic Partners:

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