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    visiting famliy || OPEN

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    visiting famliy || OPEN Empty visiting famliy || OPEN

    Post by Anastasia Tesla on Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:56 pm

    Anastasia Marie Telsa walked down the graveyard alone. It was nearing dusk and she knew it was dangerous to be walking around alone without a companion. She felt safe with her wand as she walked closer to the grave stone. Placing a bouquet of dark purple iris flowers on the little vase she had provided, she sat on it's little bench as she slowly began to weep.

    Mikayla Rose Telsa
    Loving Sister and Girlfriend
    19-- to 20--

    When Anya was younger, she was never fond of her sister and the same could be said viceversa. But once Mikayla entered Durmstrag, she found a nice muggle-born boy whom she fancied. It was then when Mikayla realized that Anya was right and that she, Mikayla, had be siding with the wrong side.

    At first, when Mikayla first came to see her, Anya was skeptical of her sister. She thought it was all a bluff. A way to infiltrate Lumen de Lucerna Headquarters but when Mikayla brought the boy over, Tony, she was convinced. Of course, the moment that her parents found out about it, they were less than pleased and next thing they knew, Mikayla and Tony were hiding for their lives.

    Due to this special circumstance, Anya allowed them to stay beneath her bookstore where a hide out was held. Her parents, Andrew and Georgia came to Anya's book store and nearly destroyed it before deciding the two lovers weren't there. A crucio spell on Anya later, both parents had left.

    "Disgraceful human beings, they are." Anya muttered to herself. "And Mikayla was so stupid for coming out of the hiding place. How could have Tony let her do that? Just let her come out and confront Mother and Father."

    That was when Mikayla and Tony had died. Anya has hated herself more and more as days go by. She felt like it was her fault and the fact that she has to go back to the bookstore every day hasn't helped her broken heart one bit. They were killed right in front of her eyes as she layed helplessly on the floor.

    "Why didn't Mother and Father kill me instead?" She weeped as she tried her best to clam her thoughts and breathing. "Merlin, how I wish that we me instead of Tony and you, Mikayla."

    She then heard foot steps approaching her and she quickly tried her best to seem as calm as possible.



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