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    Hiding Out (Luky and Rozy)

    Luka Belikov
    Luka Belikov

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    Hiding Out (Luky and Rozy) - Page 2 Empty Re: Hiding Out (Luky and Rozy)

    Post by Luka Belikov on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:29 am

    "I know it is odd for me to say, but I find it amazing you haven't found a boy. You're so beautiful and talented," but at least I don't have to worry about having to curse-kill a bunch of hot and bothered teenage boys after my dear sister His face almost morphed into a snarl at the thought. Though if it would make her happy, he may spare one from time to time.
    Roza Belikov
    Roza Belikov

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    Hiding Out (Luky and Rozy) - Page 2 Empty Re: Hiding Out (Luky and Rozy)

    Post by Roza Belikov on Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:33 pm

    Roza thought this was funny. But then got a little concerned by his expression. "No Luka you may not kill evey guy I go out with." she said in a joking tone knowing exactly what he was thinking. But she didn't think that would be happening. So she was not exactly worried.

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