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    Ellie O'Malley
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    Post by Ellie O'Malley on Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:04 am

    [16:01:17] Ellie O'Malley : ONE. YOU DO NOT END FROLE.
    [16:01:22] Aveneil Corbett : Like what?
    [16:01:30] Aveneil Corbett : okayy, agreed.
    [16:01:47] Aveneil Corbett : EVEN IF THE WORLD ENDS, FROLE DOES NOT END.
    [16:01:53] Ellie O'Malley : YES.
    [16:02:08] Ellie O'Malley : TWO. Lena and Frodo are EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.
    [16:02:18] Ellie O'Malley : they are lovers, siblings, a family...
    [16:02:20] Ellie O'Malley : EVERYTHING.
    [16:02:32] Aveneil Corbett : ooh, I like. xD
    [16:02:46] Ellie O'Malley : and the third and final thing...
    [16:03:05] Ellie O'Malley : THREE. Frodo and Lena are better than you. Enough said.

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