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    arrival of the birds {FRODO}

    Dommi O'Malley
    Dommi O'Malley

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    arrival of the birds {FRODO} Empty arrival of the birds {FRODO}

    Post by Dommi O'Malley on Sun Jun 23, 2013 1:09 am

    It was Dommi's day off, and ever since Charles had told her that she should have gotten that in return for her wonderful service at the Hospital, she had always been looking forward to it. She could finally see Ellie before she left for school and make decent cuisine that would do more than nourish her rumbling stomach. She had all the time in the world, it seemed.

    For today, it was roasted turkey. She hadn't made a decent turkey ever since Seamus had died; he had always eaten enough of it to make sure that no one else got a sizable portion. She had the Cottage all to herself today, and having no one to share the turkey with at this time of day made her wonder why she made the thing in the first place. Oh well. It didn't matter; the turkey was busy cooking in the oven anyway.

    The blonde flopped down on the couch, dazedly watching the turkey cook. She could feel the heat coming in the oven, and groaned at that; it was already hot enough outside.

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    arrival of the birds {FRODO} Tumblr_miqhrrnyll1rkspiqo2_500
    Frodo Moria
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    arrival of the birds {FRODO} Empty Re: arrival of the birds {FRODO}

    Post by Frodo Moria on Sun Jun 23, 2013 1:33 am

    Frodo was glad that Kait had been free to take care of Nicholas for a while, as he had wanted to visit his best friend. He probably could have picked any other day but with the war going on, his job as a healer was becoming all the more demanding. Not that he was complaining of course, helping people had always been his forte. 

    Running his hands through his hair, he made his way to the O'Malley Cottage. The ex-Hitrost wasn't exactly sure whether Le would be there but it was a good chance as any that she would. He opened the door, feeling thankful that it was at least a little cooler here than it was outside. 

    That was until he reached the kitchen. 

    "Sure Dommi, now is a great time to turn this place into a heater," the brunet remarked teasingly as he sat down on the couch next to her.

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