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    Attention All Students

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    Attention All Students Empty Attention All Students

    Post by Aleron Lestrange on Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:32 am

    Welcome to the Docentrebis Institute of Magic. You have chosen this school to achieve greatness. If you are not willing to work for greatness then I suggest you leave now and save yourself the humiliation you will suffer when I kick you out for your incompetence. All graduates of the Docentrebis Institute have been granted high status within the wizarding society simply because they have been able to finish their education in our walls. We do not have an entry requirement for any of the students who wish to study here, but those who are expelled from this Institution (and there are always many of those) become the embarrassment of their families.

    The first rule of this school: do not try something you think you will fail.

    The students will be divided into three groups:

    Rank 1: 14-17 year olds
    Rank 2: 10-13 year olds
    Rank 3: 5-9 year olds

    If you manage to get to Rank 1 in this school then you know you will have a great future. You can still be expelled, but you would have already gained the necessarily skills to survive in this cruel world. This structure also serves as a power hierarchy. The power you gain serves as a reward for your achievements.

    The students in Rank 1 and Rank 2 have compulsory lessons where all Rank members are signed up into a class together. This system was designed in order for the students to get to know members of other classes better. There are six subjects that are available, each student has to pick at least three.

    I sure hope, for your own sake, that you will be able to stay and learn at this school.

    Welcome to Docentrebis

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