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    Job Descriptions.

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    Job Descriptions. Empty Job Descriptions.

    Post by Aalyrial Lestrange on Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:58 pm

    Most of the jobs are pretty self Explanatory but some may need enlightenment. Very Happy

    Hunters- Hunters are like Snatchers, they are sent out by the Dark Lord to find Light Witches or Wizards, and muggles.

    Teachers- Here are a list of Positions open for teachers.
    - Potions
    - Physical/Combat Training
    - Alchemy/Transfiguration
    - Astrology/Divination
    - Magical Dueling
    - Battle Strategies

    If you would like to add another teaching position go ahead and PM me, and I will see if we cant square that out.

    Shopkeepers- There are many positions opened for shopkeepers. If you wish to own a shop PM me of Ksenia, and we will make a shop for you. Please tell us what kind of shop it is, and the name. Also, if it is strictly open to Light or Dark wizards and witches.

    Mayor- The Mayor of Kildere has to be a STRONG character. Gender is not an issue. BUt they must be able to ensure that their town stands strong even in the epicenter of war. I'd prefer the Mayor not to be Light or Dark.

    Law Enforcers- Law enforcers are much like Aurors. They wont go out looking for Light Wizards, but if they see them they will put them under arrest and trial, before the Dark Lord. They are positioned around Kildere City, and often undercover to find Light Witches or Wizards.

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