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    Ksenia Lestrange
    Ksenia Lestrange
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    Dark Lady

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    Post by Ksenia Lestrange on Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:13 pm

    Dark Lord
    Dagereth Lestrange

    Dark Lady
    Ksenia Lestrange

    Inner Circle
    Aubrey Yusikov
    Jaelyn Morozov
    Kaycee Bass
    Vasilisa Mazur

    Dark Army
    Charles Prentiss
    Dessy Rotherfield

    Light Queen
    Lena Vorstenbach

    Alora Veer
    Dylan Veer
    Frodo Moria
    Hazelle Bellamy
    Kaitlen Moria

    Averelle Black
    Donnica Lestrange
    Ellie O'Malley
    Eris Morozov
    Isabel Malfoy
    Ivanka Vorstenbach
    Jarlan Lestrange
    Lucifer Sicarius
    Luxielle Mazur
    Taden Wells

    Dmitry Petrenkov
    Vasilisa Mazur

    Dommi O'Malley
    Frodo Moria

    Aleron Lestrange

    Aalyrial Lestrange

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