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    Post by Dagereth Lestrange on Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:22 am

    The Lestranges: they ruled the wizarding world. It isn't much of a surprise, seeing as maybe one of the Darkest wizards to live is head of this violently cruel family. Dagereth Lestrange, and his wife Ksenia, sought to bring out a world where wizards rule. And he is more than on his way to achieving such a ploy. Building himself a castle, the Acertectum, he lay down the foundation of what promised to be a long and Dark rule.

    But there are others, another side, who wish for peace. A resistance, who is fighting against the Dark Lord's Army, the Atermavors. They have been fighting against the Dark Army since it's very beginnings. Maybe this year they will get the upper hand? Maybe this decade, they will finally be able to rejoice, knowing that Dagereth's vile actions have been nullified. Maybe this year they can finally be at rest.

    Maybe the school located in the town, just outside of the Acertectum, will bring out a new outcome. Here; where both the Lestrange children study, and the youngest Lestrange Adult presides; there is a fight going on as well. Here someone wants everyone dead, someone who is neither Light, nor Dark.

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