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    Aubrey Yusikov

    Aubrey Yusikov
    Aubrey Yusikov

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    Aubrey Yusikov

    Post by Aubrey Yusikov on Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:31 am

    Full Name: Aubrey Catherine Yusikov. (Formerly Brandt,)
    Nickname: Bri, Bree, Brey, Aubie, Aub.
    Age: 34
    Birthdate: 8/21
    Birthplace: Germany.
    Current Home: Germany, specifically Berlin.
    Blood Purity: Pure.
    Occupation: (Students can automatically be put into their group. Adults will have to be appointed to jobs)
    Side: Dark, (secretly light. Shhh!)


    Hair Color: Dark brown.
    Hair Style: Long.
    Eye Color: Brown.
    Height: 5'4
    Body Type: Slim, boyish.
    Dress Style: Feminine.
    Other: (optional)


    Likes:Warmth, jokes, learning new things, especially new languages, caffeinated liquids (tea or coffee, preferably), not having to hide, feeling useful
    Dislikes:Cold, ignorance, impatience, excessive actions, being ignored or feeling useless, over-complicated situations.
    Strengths:Loyalty, patience, clever, always willing to help, a good listener.
    Weaknesses:Can be a bit of a drama queen, too loyal, too proud of what she is, possibly addicted to caffeine


    Father: Edison Brandt (Deceased,)
    Mother: Katerina Brandt( Deceased,)
    Siblings:Lillian Brandt (Younger), Madeline Brandt (Older), Sophia Brandt (Eldest) (Only Lillian is still alive,)
    Spouse: None. She doesn't count her ex-husband.
    Children: None.
    Other: (optional)


    Family:The middle sister of her four sisters, Aubrey has never been the perfect child, nor has she been the rebellious troublemaker. She's the black sheep of the family, in a way, because she's not like her other sisters, who are either perfectly proper, and even a little too proud, or loud, rebellious and sometimes uncouth. She's hardly meek and mild, but she finds that her 'shade of gray' personality really doesn't match up in her family of extremes, although, she's becoming less gray now.

    Personal: It's been a long time since Aubrey joined the dark army. Long enough that she's comfortable in the meetings, doesn't flinch when Ksenia or Dagereth looks at her, and married one of her colleagues. Certainly, they divorced and now have a quiet kind of hate for each other, but Aubrey does miss him, or rather, the stability she felt when she was with him. All the same, she's still stuck in the same place she's been for years, and she's starting to feel.. uncomfortable with it. She doesn't believe in what she's fighting for anymore.


    Wand: Mahogany and Dragon heartstring, 9'
    Pet: (optional)


    (Add this in later when you've made friends)

    Enemies: Ex -husband. "Anyone light" (Not really,)
    Romantic Partners:

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