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    Lena Vorstenbach

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    Lena Vorstenbach

    Post by Lena Edmunds on Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:56 am

    Hi my name is LENA THE HIPSTER NINJA. I am 13 years old
    . I’ve been roleplaying for SIX, NEARLY SEVEN months.

    FULL NAME: Lena Marie Vorstenbach
    NICKNAMES: Le, Lens
    AGE: 35
    BIRTHDAY: 18th April
    AFFILIATION: Lumen de Lucerna
    WAND: Bocote, Owl Feather, 13 inches, supple, good for repelling Dark Arts
    EYES: Lena's eyes are a pearly shade of blue. Her eyes are quite big in proportion to her face, and this is a trait of hers ever since she was a little girl. She has long eyelashes. She inherited her eye colour from her father, who was also blonde haired and blue-eyed like her. Her sisters also had blonde hair and blue eyes, though her brother had black hair from her maternal grandparents. Some people think she is a Veela because of her looks, though she isn't.
    HAIR: Lena's blonde hair is long, wavy and easy to tangle. She only cuts her hair once a year in memoriam of everyone that has died for her. Her blonde hair is dirty, though it used to be quite snowy as a child. This is because of all the years she had spent fighting in the sun.
    HEIGHT: 5'11"
    WEIGHT: 60kg
    BUILD: Lena considers herself to look a little athletic due to years of fights and combats and battles, etc. Really, she is quite slim with some muscles on her arms from years of throwing daggers and shooting guns and shooting people with arrows.
    DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Lena doesn't have any distinguishing features on her head save for a piercing on each ear. She does have numerous scars on her body and legs from battles and fights.
    PLAY BY: Elizabeth Mitchell
    BOGGART: It would take the form of Rhys's body, even though she thinks he's already dead.
    DEMENTOR: Her worst memory was when Rhys was attacked by the dark spies.
    PATRONUS: Lena's best memory would be her first kiss with Rhys in the Field of Dreams. It would take the form of a swan, though it would change into a hippogriff over time for obvious reasons.
    MIRROR OF ERISED: To see Rhys and again and grow old together
    1) Lena was the one that killed her parents when she found out they were siding with the Lestranges, not the Dark Spies.
    2) Lena knows that Vanka II is in love with Alex, and she doesn't approve of it.
    3) Lena never loved her parents. Ever.

    AMORTENTIA: Frangipanis, the smell of vodka, Rhys's hair in the morning
    LIKES: Firewhiskey, alcohol (particularly vodka), her own Edmunds brew, playing the piano, studying languages, daggers, guns (particularly .45s), physical combats, the sunset, rain, windy days, cloudy days, rock music, metal music in general, classical music, her childhood, being free
    DISLIKES: Quidditch, anything she considers girly, the colour fuchsia/pink/purple etc, violins, gossips, the Lestrange family, being in hiding, living in paranoia, dancing, the sunset (since it reminds her of Rhys)
    STRENGTHS: Physically fit, multilingual (can speak ten languages), intelligent, quick-thinking, determined
    WEAKNESSES: Doesn't know how to survive starvation, paranoid, a little too loud for her own good, Rhys, Vanka, Dommi, Ellie, Alex...
    As a young child, Lena was joyful and friendly and she was always full of laughter. She enjoyed the company of most people and she was not afraid to stand out from the crowd. She has changed dramatically since then.

    In short, Lena is a bundle of contradictions. She can close herself to emotions in some cases, though in others, she can act overly emotional.
    FATHER: Johann Vorstenbach, would be 75, former Muggle entrepeneur, and before that, Hit Wizard
    MOTHER: Heini Vartiainen, would be 75, former Finnish Ministry of Magic Employee and Hit Wizard
    Heidi Vorstenbach, would be 50, former Healer, before then, travel writer
    Patricia Vorstenbach (sister-in-law), would be 39, former Healer
    Alexander Vorstenbach, would be 39, unknown, whereabouts unknown
    Ivanka Vorstenbach, would be 37, died at the age of seven

    Ivanka Vorstenbach, 15, niece/adopted daughter
    Alex Cartwright, 20, godson

    PETS: None
    SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Rhys Edmunds, current fiancé
    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood
    HOMETOWN: Rovaniemi, Finland
    CURRENT LOCATION: Outside Yegoryevsk, Russia
    ECONOMIC CLASS: Muggle upper class, Wizarding Germany noble class
    Lena's parents first met on an assignment in Eastern Europe in what used to be the Soviet Union, and being Hit Wizards to turn two warring countries into allies, they were under a lot of pressure to act friendly towards each other. At first, their partnership obviously wasn't working. Soon enough, the tension quickly turned into attraction, and attraction turned into love. Three years after their assignment began - and two after it ended - Johann and Heini finally got married in an isolated church in an isolated church in Romania. Two years later in their house on the ouskirts of Bad Munstereifel, Germany, they gave birth to their eldest daughter daughter, Heidi.

    Ten years were spent alone with their only daughter, who constantly complained that she was lonely and she constantly wondered why she didn't have a brother or a sister. Her wish was granted when a couple of months after her eleventh birthday, she had a baby brother called Alexander. When she was thirteen, there was her little sister Ivanka, and finally, at the age of fifteen, Lena was born.

    It was clear from Lena's birth that she was special. She was the only one of the four children that inherited Johann's big round eyes, while all the others had Heini's small, oval-shaped eyes. In the Vorstenbach family, having big eyes was technically a bad thing after what happened with an ancestor in the 1600s - though no one really knew what happened - so her parents tended to ignore Lena just a tiny bit. The young girl didn't mind though; her sister Ivanka, who was only two at the time, immediately started to put Lena under her wing.

    At the age of five, Lena had grown quite a bit from Ivanka's influence. She has grown to be gentle, a party hater and a little bit of a meanie. In December, Lena, Ivanka, Heini and Alex went to Norway for a little family trip. They lived in a cabin near the Norwegian city of Hammerfest, up in Finnmark close to the Norwegian/Finnish border. Close to their cabin was a frozen lake where
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