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    Character Adoption

    Ksenia Lestrange
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    Character Adoption

    Post by Ksenia Lestrange on Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:10 am

    Post here if you have an idea for a character that you want someone else to play or you would like to give your own character up for adoption. Give as much detailed information as you want in your post and be sure to include any specifics you want.

    Character name:
    Vasilisa Mazur
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    Re: Character Adoption

    Post by Vasilisa Mazur on Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:15 am

    Character name: Oguz and Lux Mazur
    Relationship: father and a younger sister
    General: her father considers Vasja his smartest child and thinks of her as of his perfect heir. Lux is the blond in the family, a pale daughter of two dark people, she is devoted to Vas and looks up to her.
    Dommi O'Malley

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    Re: Character Adoption

    Post by Dommi O'Malley on Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:22 am

    Character name: Alex Cartwright, 20
    Relationship: Son of Dommi O'Malley and Charles Prentiss, half-brother of Ellie O'Malley, godson of Lena Vorstenbach, ex-boyfriend of Ivanka Vorstenbach
    General: Really, I don't have a set personality for him. He is close to his mother and his half-sister, though he doesn't really know of his father, except that he's his mother's best friend.
    Other: The face-claim must be Gaspard Ulliel. Come on! You want him! He's hooot. <3

    Adopted by Ken. <333333333

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    Has permission to GM Ellie O'Malley
    Lucifer Sicarius

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    Re: Character Adoption

    Post by Lucifer Sicarius on Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:49 pm

    Character name: Azazel Sicarius
    Relationship: Father
    General: Azazel is a firm believer in working your bones off to get what you want. He is very strict with his son as he expects him to become an even better assassin than he is. If he so much as sees Lucifer sitting around or doing nothing he will push the boy into yet more training and he wont take no for an answer. He wont accept back talk and he's not afraid to hurt Lucifer to get him to behave, all Sicarius' have been the best assassins the world has seen and no son of his is going to ruin that reputation. He is currently the worlds best assassin, there isn't a person he wouldn't kill for the right price. He is always serious, especially when it comes to his job and family. He is also very protective of the ones he loves and very loyal to those that give the bigest paycheck.
    Other: Celeb claim: Jason Statham (He's got the assassin look Razz )
    Kendera James

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    Re: Character Adoption

    Post by Kendera James on Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:29 am

    Character name: Erich [Krause]

    Relationship: Child, age 14 (birthday should be sometime between Nov and Feb)

    General: Erich was born when Kendera was 21. He was placed by her in an orphanage in Magical Britain when he was one year of age. All he has of his parents is an old blanket, a photograph of himself with his mother (as Liddy, not Kendera), and a name: Lidwina Krause. For whatever reason, he is now trying to find her.

    Other: Erich should have inherited his mother's metamorphmagus abilities, but not her mental instability (as that isn't from a hereditary cause). Playby must be cleared by me, first, please. Owl me with your interest!
    Roza Belikov

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    Re: Character Adoption

    Post by Roza Belikov on Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:11 pm

    Character name: Andrei Belikov
    Relationship: Roza's Father
    General: He is on the dark side. The whole family are supporters of the Dark Lord and that will never change. He cares for his family but does not show it alot. Only on small occasions.
    Other: I would like the celeb to be James Franco but I am willing to negotiate. Also I am a free supporter of creative control. Smile

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    Re: Character Adoption

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