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    Elphaba Marie Munroe

    Elfie Munroe

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    Post by Elfie Munroe on Fri Dec 16, 2011 7:40 pm

    Full Name: Elphaba Marie Munroe
    Nickname: Elfie
    Birthdate: 09/27
    Birthplace: England
    Current Home: She moves around.
    Blood Purity: Pure
    Side: Dark


    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Style: Long
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 5'2
    Body Type: Skinny but small
    Dress Style: Stylish
    Other: Tattoo on shoulder


    Likes: Dark magic
    Dislikes: People who are optimistic and her name
    Strengths: She is tough, and never backs down
    Weaknesses: she is blind, height and she isn't the fastest person


    Father: Cyril Munroe
    Mother: Kaydance Munroe nee Gray
    Siblings: Jensen Munroe
    Spouse: None
    Children: None
    Other: (optional)


    Family: She hates all of her family after they shunned her for been blind and 'disgracing' the family.
    Personal: She has lived on her own since the age of 14 and even though she is blind it doesn't bother her at all and she just acts like she has perfect sight. She met up with the Lord of darkness who invited her to his inner circle.


    Wand: 9 inch willow wood thread of a dementor's cloaks core
    Pet: Snake called Cleo


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