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    Full Name: Lillian Persephone Marquis, Nee; Gray
    Nickname: Lily
    Age: 45 Years Old, Appears Nineteen
    Birthdate: December 1st
    Birthplace: England
    Current Home: Gray Manner
    Blood Purity: Half-Blood (Witch/Vampire)
    Side: Dark


    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Style: Long and unruly
    Eye Color: Bluish Green
    Height: 5’5
    Body Type: Slender
    Dress Style: Darker Tones, Sensual Styles


    Likes: The Arts | Killing | Blood | The Dark | Mystery | Challenges
    Dislikes: Torture | Killing Children | Trusting | Chaos | Stupidity
    Strengths: Physical Strength | Curses | Calculating | Heighten Senses
    Weaknesses: Blood Lust | The Sunlight | Crosses | Her Husband


    Father: Zane Gray, Deceased, Pure-Blood
    Mother: Marietta Gray, Deceased, Pure-Blood
    Siblings: N/A
    Spouse: William Marquis, 47yrd, Pure-Blood
    Children: N/A



    Lillian was very close to her parents. However, she lost them after her seventeenth birthday. She then fell in love with one of her school mates. They soon got married but William had accidentally angered a vampire, who bite Lily as revenge. She still loved her husband and still has a soft spot for him but she soon realized that she could no longer be with him. He on the other hand has been stubborn in his love for her and to this day still refuses to give her a divorce.


    Lillian was born a Pure-blood witch. However, when she was nineteen she was bitten by a vampire and survived. Lily tried to make her marriage work despite her circumstances but the blood lust was too much. So, she tried to talk her husband into a divorce but he loved her too much to give it to her. Still Lillian wanted to spare him so she ran away from him and hid. She then joined the Dark Army as it allowed her acceptance and fresh blood.


    Wand: 10 ½ Inch, Burgundy Wood, Dragon Heartstring
    Pet: N/A


    Romantic Partners:

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