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    Dagereth Lestrange

    Dagereth Lestrange
    Dagereth Lestrange
    Dark Lord
    Dark Lord

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    Dagereth Lestrange Empty Dagereth Lestrange

    Post by Dagereth Lestrange on Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:30 pm

    Full Name: Dagereth Lestrange
    Nickname: none.
    Age: 35
    Birthdate: August 09
    Birthplace: Russia
    Current Home: Acertectum
    Blood Purity: Pure
    Occupation: Dark Lord
    Side: Dark


    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Style: Short
    Eye Color: Green
    Height: 6'0
    Body Type: broad, muscular.
    Dress Style: Formal
    Other: Scar just above upper lip


    Likes: Killing, pureblood supremacy, ruling, chaos.
    Dislikes: muggles, light people, ignorance, equality.
    Strengths: strong, ruthless,


    Father: Dead
    Mother: Dead
    Siblings: Aleron Lestrange
    Spouse: Ksenia Lestrange
    Children: Jarlan, Donnica
    Other: (optional)


    Family: Dagereths mother and father died shortly after Dagereth came to power, his brother is his only other surviving family member. Dagereth killed his closest cousin, when he was 7.

    Personal: He was born into power, and had his first kill when he was 7. He met his wife when they were eleven, by then they were betrothed.


    Wand: 11", elm, dragons blood
    Pet: do people count as pets?


    Friends: He has no friends, only followers.
    Enemies: Anyone light.
    Acquaintances: he doesn't acquaint anyone.
    Romantic Partners: Ksenia Lestrange, (secretly Aalyrial Lestrange... shhhhhhhh)

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